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Application tips

To make the application process a little easier, we have provided you with the following list of do's and dont's to help you along your way.


Keying an application

 DO ensure that the address history provided is accurate
Any linked addresses found on the credit search in the last 3 years will be searched and information found may alter the initial underwriting decision


 DO ensure that the information you submit on a dip is correct
Incorrect information may affect our decision to lend


 DO ensure that the applicant’s full name is keyed including any middle name or maiden names
If any other name is picked up on the credit search regardless of how long ago it was used, this has to be re-searched which could alter the initial decision


 DO add 2 telephone numbers for each applicant if available

Providing 2 telephone numbers at initial application stage will reduce additional requests


 DO include the individual Solicitor acting as well as company name
This is required on all applications and will not complete until the information is provided


 DO ensure that the deposit reason on the application is correct
Changes to this during processing can cause delays and may alter the initial underwriting decision


 DO check accountant’s qualification prior to submitting
We can only accept accounts/accountant’s certificates from a qualified accountant as described in our lending policy. If a suitable qualification is not held we will require HMRC confirmation of earnings


 DON’T key names in CAPITALS as this will need to be changed and will prompt a re-search
Any updated information on the search will be taken in to account and may affect the original decision


 DON’T key overtime/bonus or other income in with basic income
We require all income to be split accordingly; there are different boxes for each type of income. If we need to change the information it may affect affordability


Additional tips

 DO ensure that any ID is correctly certified
ID certification needs to include the following:

Bullet pointBrokers name to be printed, signed and dates

Bullet pointCompany name

Bullet pointAnd the wording 'I certify this to be a true copy of the original document' and where required 'A true likeness of...'

We cannot accept ID if it is not certified this way. Full guidance can be found in our lending policy >


Platform DO accept fax or scanned copies of most documentation
To avoid any post delays please fax or scan and email any information. This will speed up the underwriting process.


Underwriting tips

Top 5 reasons why applications are delayed:


1. All supporting documentation not provided on submission of the application i.e. only 1 payslip (not 3) or half of a bank statement (not full month)


2. Documents provided are illegible (poor copies of bank statements, ID)


3. Document verification incorrectly certified leading us to refer back to be certified again i.e. broker hasn’t printed or signed their name. Please use the verification form


4. Employment references if basic income varies


5. Details missing on application form i.e. vendor's details, telephone numbers for applicant, solicitor details



General underwriting tips:


1. Vendors details are required on ALL purchase application's, please provide these details on the application form


2. If you are providing the employers head office address please also state where applicant is based as we will query this if the commute does not make sense


3. Ensure certification on all identification and supporting documents is correct


4. If the applicant is raising funds for home improvements please provide full details of the work to be carried out on the application form as this will be queried at underwriter stage


5. Only send in the requested information from our shopping list

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