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Application tips

This list will guide you through submitting your application to make it as smooth as possible. Remember our expert teams are available should you need their support or seek clarification on document requested on our shopping list.


Application top tips

 Don’t type in capital letters.

If you do, the details will need to be changed which will mean resubmitting the information.


 Ensure the address history is accurate.

We’ll search addresses for the last 3 years and if they don’t match your information, the decision could be affected.


 Check the applicant’s full name is correct, including any middle or maiden names.


 Make sure any overtime/bonus or other types of income are separate from basic income. Any changes might affect affordability.


 If available provide 2 telephone numbers at initial application stage.


 Ensure that you have included the individual Solicitor acting as well as the company name. The case will not complete until the information is provided.


 If the employer’s head office address is different from the applicant’s place of work, please add a note in the additional information box as we will query this if the commute does not make sense.


 Ensure that information relating to the deposit is correct e.g. if it was a gift or savings.


 If the applicant is raising funds for home improvements, provide full details and any quotes.


Shopping list top tips

 Check the shopping list and only upload the requested documents.


 Bank statements should show salary credits and utility bills and be for a full calendar month, you may need to send separate statements if using a ‘bills’ account. We also accept electronic bank statements.


 Please ensure that all documents are clear and legible.


 For the fastest and most secure way to get your documents to Platform, please use the “Upload a Document” option on the Documents tab in Clicktrack. Documents uploaded in Clicktrack are automatically verified and are actioned more quickly.


 Check the “Check and Send” tab on your application to ensure all required information has been supplied, it will be highlight if any information is missing.

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