End of deal

You might have the option to change your mortgage product, at the end of your deal, provided you’ve reverted back to our Standard Variable Rate (SVR).

Alternatively if your circumstances have changed, and your mortgage is no longer right for you, consider changing your mortgage rate before the end of your deal.

If you decide to change your mortgage product before the end of the agreed term, then there might be an early repayment charge. You can check this in the terms and conditions for your original mortgage, or call us on 01752 236550 to find this out.

If your mortgage is a shared ownership or shared equity arrangement, or you have a guarantor on your mortgage, then please contact us to discuss your options.

How do I change my mortgage product?

There are two ways for you to change your mortgage product.

You can choose to go through an advised process, where one of our qualified mortgage advisors will talk about your circumstances, and make a recommendation about the best option to suit your needs.  We might also recommend a change to the mortgage term or switching some of your mortgage from interest only to repayment if that makes your mortgage more suitable for you.

Alternatively, if you feel that you can make your own decision about your mortgage and you’re only intending to change the mortgage product, we offer an execution only service. Customers choosing execution only waive the regulatory protection about the suitability of their mortgage that they would receive if we make a recommendation to them.

Switch your mortgage deal

When can I change my mortgage product?

If you’re in the last four months of your mortgage product, we’ll allow you to secure your next rate immediately, and this will roll into place at the end of your current deal.

How much will it cost?

Click here for range of rates. Some of our products carry an application fee, but there are always fee-free options. We don’t charge any legal fees to change your mortgage product, and will only ask for a property to be revalued if you think your property now qualifies for a different set of mortgage rates.